Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Extension for photo entries to allow any who wish to have their photos in the exhibition to participate.  

Get your photos in by 10am on Friday 13th May!  

Any query phone Tracey on 40696949.

Photo Exhibition - Characters Of The Cape
A celebration of the beauty & unique characters of Cape York.
In Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery 14 – 27 MAY, 2011 @ Elizabeth Guszley Gallery
Three categories:
Characters of the Cape: COLOUR or B/W 
A portrait that expresses the unique characters of one or more of the Cooktown regions residents (people/animals/plants, etc). This photo is a ‘study’ of a character or characteristic of the Cape.  Your photo will be unframed as it will be mounted on board with all other entries for consistency in display.
This photographic challenge requires granite on which much of our landscape is shaped, determining the colour and quality of our environment. Granite must appear in your entry although there is no ‘rule’; ie, it simply has to appear in the image and may be the focus of the photo or ancillary (but not irrelevant).
Multi-medium Entries
There is no limit to the other materials used to create your entry other than to remember that the photo must be integral tot he design of the entry.  Multi-medium entries must be framed and will be judged separately to photo only entries.

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