Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos on Photosynth Website

Go to Photosynth Website to view Kid's APT on Tour photos ina different way - like a 3D display.  Cool!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kid's APT participants - Saturday 16th January 2010

Kid's APT on tour in Cooktown! What a Great Day!

On Saturday 16 January 2010, Cooktown hosted a free day of art activities simultaneously with the Queensland Art Gallery, as part of the Kids’ APT Summer Festival.  Website: http://qag.qld.gov.au/exhibitions/current/apt6/kids_apt/kids_apt_on_tour.  The Kids’ APT on Tour featured interactive activities for children and families created by a number of artists in the exhibition, including Ayaz Jokhio, Minam Apang and Runa Islam. All the materials to create the art using the different themes was provided free of charge and posted to Cooktown by the Queensland Art Gallery Gallery of Modern Art.  The projects were developed to reflect the themes of the Asia PacificTriennial exhibition and offered children and families insights into contemporary art across the Asia Pacific region.  The children who attended in Cooktown were enthralled and excited by the many art activities.  Creativity was very high and the results as seen in the photos show that the children produced many exciting and fun art works.  The adults were just as interested in participating and creating.  The day was a lot of fun.If you are able to open this site at Photosynth Kids APT it is also worth a look.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Art Buzz Column Cooktown Local News Wednesday 13th January 2010

Cooktown Local News
Lucky Cooktown is hosting the Kids’ APT on Tour program from the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art's sixth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.
Everyone with kids is welcome to attend a day of free activities at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery, from 10.30am-2.30pm Saturday, January 16.
The session will include drawing, craft and interactive activities developed by leading artists from Asia, the Pacific and Australia. 
This offers children and families insights into contemporary art and lets you express your creativity in new and exciting ways.
Activities include making a thaumatrope (optical toy); paper fruit language puzzle; a plane from everyday materials and found objects; a picture using Asian scripts; self portraits and a Funky Buddha. 
If we get a DVD/TV and computer on the day, we will view art films H the Happy Robert 2009 by Ho Tzu Nyen; Elsewhere and Trail by Hiraki Sawa, and a interactive computer program Patterns of Infinity by Monir Shahroudy.
With this kids event, we will be re-opening the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery for 2010, following the Christmas and New Year closure to allow our hard-working volunteers to have a holiday. 
As we are staffed by volunteers we can't always open the doors every day, so any locals interested in manning the gallery for a couple of hours will be welcomed with enthusiasm!

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