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Cooktown Recycled Art Exhibition 26th March 2011 - The Movie!

Cooktowners know how to have fun and recycle at the same time!

Cooktown Recycled Art Exhibition - All Winners!

Judged Winners of Recycled Art Exhibition.
Environmental, Garden Art, Funtional and Artistic.

First Environmental - Rosalie Andre
For a doorway or wall hanging made of  bottletops from rubbish tip and fishing line

First Junior Environmental - Anthony, Billy and Joseph Arnold  won for their Rocket

Highly Commended Environmental - Peter Burns
For 'A Garden Seat For Two' - made from timber pallot, off cut timbers and old (used) steel brackets that form the base, with refrigerator condensors forming the seat and back.  Air conditioner coils form the sides with old tiles on top creating a firm surface for a cup of tea. (wood, steel, aluminium, tiles, paint - all from rubbish dump including the paint!

First Prize Garden Art - Diana Burns
Bird Feeder made from discarded occasional table bottom.
Welded to upright post with removable found lid for bird seed.
Highly Commended Garden Art - Dianne Fursdon
'Turtle Power' made from car parts and wheelbarrow bowel assembled and painted to represent a turtle.  Used air cooler breather from a car wreck, motor bike or small car reservoir from tip, wheel barrow bowl (buckled) paint, glue, solar lights, screws.
First for Functional Art Mark berg for 'Sculptor's Ball Vice'
Large surface area clamping for heavy duty work 360 x 90 position range, high speed cam lock - made from old bowling ball, small car axle, scrap wood, washing machine spring, various old bolts and screws.

Highly Commended for Functional Art Peter Burns for 'Back Saver'
A ladder ramp clips on the tray of the Ute allowing an old heavy dog to walk up.  Used old broken ladder and plywood scraps cut to fit.

Junior First Functional Art - Summer Evans.Funnel made from top of water bottle, hung with wire, measured sides - plastic bottle, wire, niko pen and measuring jug.

First in Artistic Emma McGovern - for 'Bubbles, Tishy and Midge'
Three fish to hang in a row - made using newspaper, bottletops, old fishing net and line, paint, flour and water, matches, modeling compound and a bit of hose.
Highly Commended in Artistic Peter Burns for 'It's All About Balance'
A stylistic Critter from copper tubing, ply scraps, old spoons, seeds and op shop envelope tidy.

Junior First Artistic Holly Farnan for 'Still Life' Part I
A table with bowl of fruit and vase of poppies from papier mache (newspapers), old kebab sticks, old bottle, paint, glue, old cardboard.

Junior First Artistic Holly Farnan for 'Still Life' Part II
A table with bowl of fruit and vase of poppies from papier mache (newspapers), old kebab sticks, old bottle, paint, glue, old cardboard.

Second - Benjamin Francois-White for 'The Yacht' It really floats! 
Purple base, bottles used as floats and glue for old yoghurt container, old plywood, old bottles, old polystyrene foam, found objects and old paddle pop stick.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cooktown Recycled Art Exhibition 26th March 2011

As time allows I will upload artists names, details of art works - materials used and how made, as well as prize winners list.  In the meantime you can enjoy seeing the art works entered in theooktown Recycled Art Exhibition that opened on Saturday.

Cooktown Recycled Art Exhibition organised by Diana Burns and workers of Cooktown School of Art Society opened 26th March 2011 with an afternoon tea at 2:30pm at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery in Charlotte Street. Entries  were of a high standard and showed a lot og imagination in turning waste and old throw aways into useful and or beautiful art!  The four categories of  - Functional - furniture, craftwork, wearable objects; Garden Art -  3D free standing; Artistic with imagination being the key; and Environmental from materials and waste going to landfill, being functional and energy efficient and illustrating the pertinence of environmental issues.  The competition was pen to all Cook Shire community members, groups and organisations and had adult and junior sections in each category.  Well done Cooktown!

Recycled Art Exhibition Open!

Pop into the gallery and check out the wonderfully imaginative recycled art works!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery Being Painted!

Work Crew of volunteers with expertise and labour provided free of charge by Dave from Endeavour Painting in Cooktown!   This was very much appreciated!  Without such expertise we'd have taken so much longer to get the job moving!   

Thanks Dave!

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