Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Cooktown Creations' Exhibition at C.1907 Art Space CAIRNS! Open Feb 20th!

Cooktown artists busy planning their 'Cooktown Creations' Exhibition that will open in CAIRNS On Monday 20th February 6 to 7:30pm and runs to Saturday 25th February at C.1907 Contemporary Art Space, Lake St, City Place, CAIRNS.

See more details and artists profiles at http://www.art-in-tropical-australia.com/cooktown-creations-exhibition-at-c1907-art-space-cairns.html

This is a great chance to give everyone a taste of what talented locals we have up here. We will be informing people about the great places to visit in and around Cooktown as well as the upcoming events that Cooktown will be hosting. 

YOU are invited to attend the opening.

We are taking COOKTOWN to Cairns. In this tiny gap of ONE week we be using our time to promote our town!

Layout for Cairns Regional Council Sponsored Advertising & Invitation

Congratulations Jean Haack - Australia Day 2012 Cooktown "Volunteer of the Year."

Congratulations to Jean Haack, awarded the Australia Day 2012 Cooktown,"Volunteer of the Year."

Jean has worked as a volunteer at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery as a member of the Cooktown School of Art Society Inc. for 30 years.  As a volunteer responsible for opening and working long hours in the gallery, also as Treasurer for 13 yrs.  She has helped with the Annual Art Exhibitions and also many fund raising efforts over the years.

I think this is a well deserved win and she is a credit to the society, well done Jean.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Drawing Life for Kids on Tour - QAG GoMA - 14, 15, 16 January 2012

Cooktown kids are amazing!  Many joined Drawing Life for Kids on Tour and used their creativity to draw with family and friends. Our President Lea's 'Imagination in Everyday Life' Drawing Party was a huge success and the climax to the three day free school holiday art activity put together by the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane and generously paid for by the Fairfax Family Foundation and Santos.

Photo by Tracey Cass
"In stretching their imagination the kids didn't let us down. They couldn't wait to present their unusual creations to the others and everyone enjoyed lots of laughs with a party on the porch of the gallery at the end of a really fun morning," said Tracey Cass, organiser of the event.  These free school holiday events are proving really popular with kids and parents of Cooktown and we look forward to offering more in the future. Volunteers from the gallery happily set-up and supervise because the packages are so organised and the kids have such a good time, it's a pleasure to have them in the gallery enjoying themselves so much.

With drawing templates, an art journal to keep and other art materials provided by QAG - GoMA most generously sponsored by the Fairfax Family Foundation and Santos the Cooktown Kids had an wonderful three day art experience over the school holidays at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery with many Cooktown locals and members of the Cooktown School of Art Society!  Photo by Tracey Cass

Photo by Tracey Cass

Michelle Welsh, Kaitlyn Darvell, Tracey Cass, Penny Thompson and Jessica, Nikki and Shaylee Darvell at the "Drawing Life" classes at the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery on Tuesday. Photo: GARY HUTCHISON.

At Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery Cooktown Kids enjoying 'Drawing Life' Art Activities.  Photo By Tracey Cass

Friday, January 06, 2012

Drawing Life for Kids on Tour In COOKTOWN 17 18 19 January 2012

At Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery
125 Charlotte Street, Cooktown
Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th January 2012

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