Friday, February 25, 2011

Action Meeting Minutes Thursday 24th Feb 2011

To download the Action Meeting Minutes go to and click the link.

The 'action' crew have discussed what we'll be up to for the next few months.  The main discussion was about painting the gallery walls and floor and doing a tidy up on the front wall as messy glue under present signage.  Hanging system will be purchased.  It was agreed that the first stage of renovations will commence early March (final dates to be confirmed) and a week will be set aside and the gallery closed for this purpose.

Work to be completed at this working bee includes:
  • Paint the internal walls – colour a pale yellow/white.
  • Clean (and paint if possible) the external front wall of the gallery – get rid of the glue marks under the letter and paint over the lettering, including a dark orange splash in the existing logo. 
  • Paint the floor tiles once Rosie has had a change to research and cost the appropriate product. Colour to be a pale grey.
  • Nicole to purchase wire, clips and other items for new hanging system as discussed. It was agreed that Nicole would spend up to $3,500 and at the same time, fill out a RADF application for assistance in the costs. The project will proceed regardless of the outcome of this grant application.
It was agreed that Tracey would get THREE building quotes for the front door and extended gallery space as discussed.
It was agreed that the three gallery bank accounts be consolidated into one. Tracey Blumer to also apply to become signatory of that account.
Draft submission for the Cook Shire Council’s Community Plan was posted on Facebook and members invited to provide feedback within the next three weeks.

If you wish to have any input contact either Tracey, Rosie, Nic or Faye. 
As per the AGM last year this group has authority to make decisions for the Cooktown School of Art Society.  All members will be kept in the loop but it is up to you to be involved.  Lack of involvement or comment will be taken as consent to any changes so don't be shy!
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