Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Giant Spotted Sea Cucumber Sculpture for Events Centre ? ? ? ? ! ! ! No!

If you’re happy with the idea of installing a contemporary sculpture depicting a giant spotted Sea Cucumber outside the new Events Centre, then this message isn’t for you…

However if you’re not that fussed about this idea - then Cook Shire Community Events Centre would really be chuffed if you were able to give feedback on what public you would like to see at the new centre.

This is an opportunity for local artists to have their say about possible art installations on the grounds and/or exterior walls/interior space of the building. Your feedback is vital.

Please…mull it over and get back to us. Email your ideas or make comments online at where the floor plans and concept designs for the centre are available. You can also jot down some notes [rough sketches would be fabulous] and slip them under the door of the Elizabeth Guzsely Gallery at 125 Charlotte Street.

Thanks for your time. Warm regards
Nicole Jakins Regional Arts Development Fund [RADF] Committee Member (in progress)
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