Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooktown Local News - This Week Heather Willcox

Local artist, Heather Willcox took up a brush and started painting five years ago. Before this she was used to pottery but when she branched out into painting she discovered a relaxing pastime. Trying the mediums of acrylic, pastel and oils she started producing representational works that many admire. She is pleased if the works sell and is happy to pass on and share her interest at weekly painting get togethers at her home on Wednesday between 2 and 4pm. If anyone would like to join the Wednesday Art Group phone Heather on 40695691. Heather is a member of the Cooktown School of Art Society and the Cooktown Creative Arts Association and volunteers her time to assist both organisations. You can meet Heather at the Old Railway Building Arts and Craft Shop on Tuesdays. These photos of Heathers art works speak for themselves!

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